Digital X-Rays in Berkeley, CA

Many people are apprehensive about dental x-rays and their radiation exposure. This is obviously a serious and understandable concern, but the fact is that even conventional film x-rays expose you to only a minor amount of radiation. 

Even so, at Berkeley Prosthodontics and General Dentistry, we can now reduce your exposure further by using digital radiographs. Estimates vary, but in general, digital x-rays have been found to expose patients to as much as 80% less radiation than the older film x-rays.

State-Of-The-Art Technology in Berkeley, CA

Digital Radiography

There are many benefits to using digital radiographs when compared to traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays give us the ability to identify conditions like dental infection long before they would ever be apparent on a film x-ray. Finding and treating problems in their earliest stages helps you avoid the expense and inconvenience of dealing with complicated problems in the future. 

Taking digital x-rays involves placing a small, flat sensor in your mouth. The information obtained is transferred digitally to our computer and available in moments for you to view on your chairside monitor. Our team can resize the image, rotate it, and make it larger or smaller so you can clearly see what the problem is and why we might be recommending treatment.

Panoramic X-Rays

We can also take a panoramic x-ray of your entire mouth in one easy step. These images are extra-oral, meaning they are taken outside your mouth. All you need to do is stand in place as the camera rotates around your head.

The resulting image shows us your teeth and all supporting structures, including your jaw. This provides us with a comprehensive view of the overall condition of your oral health. Panoramic x-rays are especially useful for adults with a strong gag reflex or children who can’t tolerate intraoral x-rays.

Cone-Beam Imaging

Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) measures the quantity and quality of your bone for dental procedures. It is especially useful for placing dental implants and treating TMJ issues.

Since it shows us different angles and magnifications, CBCT allows our dentists to see tiny cavities and identify potential orthodontic problems. It even makes it possible to see the relationships between teeth, bones, nerves, airways, and tissues so we can develop a highly accurate treatment plan.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, so we store all your digital imaging files securely at our Berkeley, CA dental office. Since digital images are convenient for data sharing, we can quickly evaluate your records and share the information with a specialist or your insurance company as necessary.

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Our goal is to choose technology that makes your treatment more efficient and effective so we can provide you with better outcomes. If you would like to know more about the ways our digital radiography can benefit you, please call to arrange a convenient appointment.


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